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Cover of Sammy Davis, Jr.: Me and My Shadow by Arthur Silber, Jr.

Sammy Davis, Jr.: Me and My Shadow by Arthur Silber, Jr. is an insightful biography,, because Arthur was there for all the events portrayed in it, about one of the most exciting, talented and amazing entertainers in American history. During their decades long association Arthur and Sammy were best friends, business partners, soldiers in the cause to break down racial barriers, traveling companions, the closest of confidants and committed to furthering Sammy’s career so more of the world would truly know how much talent this diminutive and powerful force of nature truly possessed.

Arthur_and_Sammy by plane about to go overseas for Sammy's first trip abroad in his lifetime, this for the Royal Variety Performance for Queen Elizabeth in 1960.Years after their association had ended, when Arthur broached the subject of writing a book about all that had happened during their time together, Sammy told him in a heartfelt and rather tragic tone, “You do that Silber, and tell the truth, just tell the truth.” That is what Arthur Silber, Jr. has done and continues to do with anyone who will listen to recounts those years with, he only needs one word, Sammy! 

The other aspect that Arthur often touches on, and this goes back to breaking racial barriers in the 1950’s well before the Civil Rights Movement, Arthur muses on Sammy’s deep desire to be treated farily. His life started in showbiz at the age of 3 and encompassed years learning his craft on the boards of theaters big and small during a time when blacks were restricted from many aspects of society throughout the country.

7033Sammy fought against it when he could, such as famously breaking the Vegas Casino-Hotel color barrier or playing the Copacabana with help from his friend Frank Sinatra, and swallowed his pride when he had to, such as giving up his love affair with Kim Novak because of death threats towards him and Arthur, and sincerely wished he could just be appreciated for the talent he had worked so hard to create and and which brought so much joy, laughter and wonder to the world.

In article written by Arthur Silber, Jr., Sammy, a Study in Beating the Odds, he cites four immutable facts of life which pertain to all of us for Sammy they are writ large.
1) It will take talent, focus, untold hours of sacrifice and hard work.
2) It will bring forth unknowable and innumerable road blocks from elements of society and the laws of nature.
3) The better you are and the higher you rise will often bring out the worst in those who have neither the talent nor the success.
4) The same people who tried to undermine your success will praise you when you are gone.