Kenny Kahn, Author of The Carny Kid: Survival of a Young Thief, Video Interviews with Rich West About His Life & Book
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E.B. GO Vision Media set up an interview of Kenny by Rich West, who had interviewed hundreds of movie stars, directors and producers, that turned into a really nice showcase because his candid answers were heartfelt, more lengthy than other media appearances and he felt comfortable with the engaging and personable interviewer. Below the interviews has been edited into six targeted segments that go from why he wrote the book to how carnival games are rigged, how going from carnival thief to lawyer was a “natural progression” and more. 

These segments were never used for PR purposes and sat in computer files until recently re-discovered by E.B. GO Vision Media when it was decided to market the movie script written by Mark Todd with Kenny’s assistance until his passing in a hiking accident in Peru.  

Why Kenny Kahn Wrote “The Carny Kid” About Family and Childhood and
Learning to Be Carny Thief from Dad & How Games Are Rigged So Customers Lose

Kenny Kahn Says Going from Carny Thief to Attorney is a Natural Progression and
Education Gave Him Refuge, Comfort, Hope & Future with Success

Kenny Kahn Does Stand Up Comedy After Being Stabbed with Ice Pick in Court and
Parent’s Perfect Negative Role Models, Did Opposite of Everything They Did