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E. B. GO Vision Media is Director of Marketing, PR Firm of Record, Website Designer and more for Danny Quintana’s Global High Seas Marine Preservea Non-Profit Organization Dedicated to Saving the Oceans and Marine Life, which came out of his latest book, Space & Ocean Exploration: The Alternative to the Military-Industrial Complex

Website Snapshot of Global High Seas Marine Preserve website. Book cover of Space and Ocean Exploration: The Alternative to the Military-Industrial Complex.E.B. GO Vision Media has been involved with this project from the beginning when Danny Quintana’s book, Space & Ocean Exploration: The Alternative to the Military-Industrial Complex, was released and subsequently gave rise the Global High Seas Marine Preserve organization. The primary goals of the non-profit GHSMP is banning the industrial and destructive harvesting of marine life in international waters around the world so that vital top-of-the-food-chain predators like sharks, tuna and whales can replenish their stocks and thus stave off the damage to the ocean ecosystems their absence would create.

Banner image link of book Space & Ocean Exploration: The Alternative to the Military-Industrial Complex by Danny Quintana and the Global High Seas Marine Preserve organization logo which came from the book. This is a two-home page website with over 150-pages and blog postings delivering a wealth of information in a wide array of formats and expressions. Two-thirds of the site is dedicated to the oceans and one-third to space and there at least 100 different videos sprinkled throughout articles, mission statements, biographies, adventures stories, testimonials, conservation plans, study results and more. One home is www.GHSMP.org for the Global High Seas Marine Preserve and the other is www.SpaceOceanExploration.com for the book, Space & Ocean Exploration: The Alternative to the Military-Industrial ComplexRead More…


Princess Red & Mickey Show by E.B. GO Vision Media Created from a Comprehensive Video & Photographic Digital Archives

Snapshot image link of Princess Red & Mickey Show You Tube Channel Home Page. E.B. GO Vision Media has been under contract to help document, organize, edit, showcase and archive the lives of Princess Red and Mickey in video and still pictures since their births in June 2008 and May 2010 respectively. This has resulted in a massive archive with hundreds of hours of raw video and thousands of high-quality photographs representing much of their young lives. In this era of unlimited and affordable digital storage, it pays to just shoot, shoot and shoot and then just keep piling the material into organized archives. Keeping it organized right out of the gate is key, because plowing back and trying to find what was shot when can be a frustrating process.   

Princess Red The Picture with the biggest, biggest, bluest eyes you have ever seen. Their newly created Princess Red & Mickey You Tube Channel and the webpages here at the E.B. GO Vision Media website will showcase videos, slide show videos and more as the process of editing reveals more golden nuggets to share with everyone. This archive started before they were born and continues all the time. Going through the archives is a painstaking process and finding still pictures to coincide with and enhance a video can a daunting task. Slide shows will be generated either by web based programs, Click Here to see Princess Red Slide Show #1, and whole videos will be generated from just still pictures. You Tube Playlists will be displayed on pages of this website, like the just created showcasing videos of the year of Princess Red’s life which can be seen by Clicking Here.

Princess Red in her Valentine's Day picture featured in the Ventura County Star Newspaper in the Your News Section .An example of finding golden nuggets just happened when E.B. GO was plowing through the early video files of Princess Red and found the raw footage of her First Blessing and First Bath videos. Videos were edited using photographs shot on those first days at home and are now on their You Tube Channel. Princess Red was featured in the Ventura County Star Newpaper, left, in the Your News section because of the what E.B. GO calls The Pic.  

Mickey's first birthday picture that looks great, big blue eyes, blonde hair and looking good. The pictures seen here are examples of finding the proper location to create memorable moments in time. The Princess Red picture, above left, was shot on Valentine’s Day 2009, when she was eight-months old, at the Farmer’s Market at 3rd and Fairfax and works because a shady spot was found and she was prompted to look up so the ambient light and flash made Princess Red’s eyes jump off the page. Click to enlarge the picture and if you look close enough the photographer can be seen reflected in the eyes. Mickey’s picture, right, was taken on his first birthday and fits many terrific parameters for a good photograph; light from behind highlighting his hair and light going in bringing out the blue eyes. Princess Red and Mickey are good subjects and for the most cooperated in getting their images captured on video and still pictures…Read More…