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‘PR for today, A Perspective From Yesterday’

1) Traditional & Internet PR 
2) Radio, TV and Print & Internet E-Zines
3) Write, Generate and Track Internet News Releases Utilizing Expert Click News’s Release Wire System
4) Audio Editing: Capture Radio Show Audio files to Break Down for Showcasing on Sound Cloud into Subject Based Playlists 
5) Video Editing: Radio Show Audio Files 
into Radio Show Videos, TV Talk Show & News Spots Re-Edited to Showcase Client Materials Over & With Interview
6) Website Design Services in Word Press Platform
7) Graphic Design, Book Covers, Ads, etc. 

8) Photo Editing
9) Media Training

Book cover of A World Flight Over Russia, written by E.B. GO Vision Media President Michael Joseph Butler. E.B. GO Vision Media is a full serve public relations company with experience in Internet and traditional PR Campaigns. E.B. GO V founder Michael Joseph Butler, author of A World Flight Over Russia, began his foray into PR by getting media exposure for his own book, published by Wind Canyon Books, during a time when the Internet was still in its infancy. Butler was hired to document a flight of 12 small aircraft flying around the world across Russia in July 1992, just after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, which resulted in him writing a book which thoroughly documents a unique adventure at major turning point in history. A World Flight Over Russia received positive reviews from EAA’s Sport Aviation and Flight Journal magazines. He had his own articles published in Russia, Canada and around across the U.S. while the Sunday Los Angeles Times published an article about the trip and book by Cory Fisher. Go to Book Review Page to see image examples.   

Picture of activity off-shore, Moorea, Tahiti, a destination promoted by E.B. GO Vision Media for Brendan Vacations and Tahiti Tourisme.
Moorea, Tahiti

From 2004 to 2012, he worked for a Hollywood PR firm on a wide-variety of projects and landed contracts from corporate travel tour operators, national tourism agencies and travel agents in an effort to expand the firm beyond books and experts, which had formed a the bulk of its clients to date. E.B. GO. Vision Media went on to two PR excursions to Tahiti, on behalf of top-notch tour operator Brendan Vacations, Frosch Travel Agency and Tahiti Tourisme (2007 & 2012), to gather materials, generate PR on-scene with articles and news releases, take pictures and video, interview local tour operators, hoteliers, attraction workers, residents, tourists and more. E.B. GO Vision Media ran multi-faceted campaigns for Brendan, and premier river cruise line, AmaWaterways, while providing clients with traditional and Internet PR services and developing a wide-range of technical skills required to content heavy Internet PR campaigns from the ground up.

Enlargeable photo of Vassula Ryden, founder of True Life in God, with a French Nun at St. Joseph's Tomb, which is four-stories below a French Convent in Nazareth, Israel.
St. Joseph’s Tomb, Nazareth, Israel

Following the 2013 book PR campaign for Vassula Ryden’s Heaven is Real, But So is Hell, E.B. GO was hired to help document, in photos, video and audio, the 9th True Life in God Ecumenical Pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Involving 700 Christians from around the world, the Holy Land Pilgrimage visited most of the major historical Christian sites in Jerusalem, Nazareth and Galilee. In every location, beautiful and famous Cathedrals were given over to TLIG so that the 100 clergy from denominations worldwide could conduct Liturgy Services. Mr. Butler came home with a treasure trove of material and had the experience of a lifetime. 

The result of this is that E.B. GO Vision Media, while seeking traditional avenues of exposure, offers services such as writing, generating and tracking Internet News Releases thru the Expert Click News Release Wire system; edit radio shows or audio files into Radio Show Videos; edit, clean and/or break down radio show podcasts and other audio files into targeted subject files for Internet PR use in platforms such as Sound Cloud; design and construct websites on the Word Press platform; design book covers and photo editing; manage multiple client Social Media accounts; provide media training to maximize exposure and show the client in the best light and more. 

AmaWaterways Radio Show Video Edited by E.B. GO Vision Media